Modeled Temperature Data for the CVPIA SIT Model

This data package contains modeled temperature data for each of the watersheds within the CVPIA salmon life cycle model.


# install.packages("remotes")


This package provides temperature related datasets to the fallRunDSM, springRunDSM, winterRunDSM, and latefallRunDSM packages.

# datasets within the package
data(package = 'DSMtemperature')

# explore temperature modeling metadata

About the Models

Temperature inputs to the CVPIA Decision Support Model (DSM) were developed using one of the following methods:

  1. HEC5Q water temperature model
  2. Measured water temperatures
  3. Correlation between measured air and water temperatures
  4. Water temperature from the closest, most hydrologically and geomorphically similar watershed with available data.

The HEC5Q model accepts flow inputs from the CALSIM II water resources system operations planning model. Watershed specific methods are detailed on the Reference tab.


The DSMTemperature package provides data for several other packages within the CVPIA Open Science Collaborative. These relationships are visualized in the dependency graph below.

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